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Where are the masks made?

Our masks are 100% made in the USA. From beginning to end: the fabric, cut, sew and full dye sublimation is done in our facility in Florida and California.

What are the Production times?

Ranges from 2 days to 2 weeks depending on order quantity and the demand at the time of order. We are continuously running production to keep up with the demand and to keep the production times as low as possible.

What are the specs of the mask?

We offer a very high quality, 2 ply face mask that has a poly outer shell which consists of a special fabric that makes the artwork look very vibrant. The inner shell that touches the face is a very soft stretch cotton. All masks come with black trim, the blanks are white with black trim. Mask dimensions are 9×7.25 inches.

Are samples available?

Yes. We have a daily FEDEX pickup, we can send samples with your FEDEX number. If you only have UPS you can make us a label and email it to info@maskpress.com and we will send it within 24-48 hours.

Can these be used for medical use?

These are not recommended for medical use.

Are these disposable or reusable?

They are completely washable and reusable. No bleach, wash them as you would your regular clothes with detergent/soap in lukewarm water.

What is the recommended resell price of this item?

Due to the nature of this being such a new item, resell price points are all over the map. You know your customer and are in the best place to determine how to best serve them.

What are the shipping specs?

Up to 500 pieces per box. We ship through FedEx.

Do you offer terms?

We are not extending terms on any mask orders.  Payment must be received before production starts.

What format does the artwork need to be?

We have a mock up template for artwork. artwork needs to be sent in this format: Vector, AI, or PNG.

Didn’t answer your question? Feel free to drop us an email at info@maskpress.com.