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Here at Maskpress.com, we specialize in manufacturing wholesale, custom face coverings, and non-medical grade masks for the current and future Presidents, Vice Presidents, campaign team, and their  workers, which are 100% proudly made in America. 

The CDC has recommended that all Americans wear masks or face coverings when interacting with others in public settings such as offices, event centers, cabinet meetings, and statehouses.

The million-dollar question…how long will we need to wear masks?

Well, no one can truly give a definite answer, but we can anticipate another 12 to 18 months. As such, MaskPress.com has committed to satisfying the ongoing demand for custom face masks and coverings throughout the USA for the executives as this may become the new normal.

All cities and states do not require workers working directly with the president should wear masks; however, a lot has implemented rules requiring all essential workers as well as the public, to wear masks when they leave their homes.

The office of the president has begun to allow workers to resume back to duties, however, social distancing guidelines, use of protective masks, and limited indoor and office occupancy will remain in effect.

It is critical to review any modified president’s office operations with employees, per the CDC guidelines. Good hygiene and safety precautions need to be reinforced and the purchase of branded masks or face coverings is a great place to start.

Masks are quickly becoming a way that people can express themselves.

Maskpress.com offers 100% made in the USA, wholesale masks, and custom face coverings in an array of colors and designs that are customizable comfortable, breathable, and fashionable.